Entrepreneurs is setting up a program whose main objective is to empower young women between the ages of 8 years and 40 years.

Why Do Women Need Empowerment?

Women have traditionally been marginalized. Early marriage, less education, fewer jobs, lower salaries etc. Unwanted pregnancy affects the girl child more than the boy. Women are raped and beaten more often than men. Yet when a woman is empowered, the benefits go further than just her alone, they cascade to her family, her parents, the community and the nation. Already in Zimbabwe, women are the major drivers of the economy. They are the majority of the population and most single parent families are headed by women. Studies show that a woman is more likely to spend money on her family when she earns, than a man. Thus although women earn less, they use that little more effectively than the more that men earn. Furthermore, women have a better savings culture and tend to be a better credit risk than men.

How Do We Plan on Empowering Women?

We have developed a multi-pronged approach to women empowerment starting from the grassroots. We intend to work with girls as young as 8 years old and all the way to 40 years old. 8 year olds should be introduced to money and savings so as to be aware and empowered by the time they are teenagers. We believe that this will reduce teenage pregnancy, early marriages and new HIV infections significantly as a lot of sexual activity between teens and adults is for financial gain and there is ignorance on how to reject or refuse such advances. Furthermore, a financially empowered teenager will be aware of her true value and potential. Even if she were to fall pregnant, she would be in a position to look after herself and her baby, and even continue her education, thus ensuring a bright future for both generations. We also plan on empowering women through training them on how to save, borrow, start a business, repay loans, invest in other businesses and mentor younger women. Through the training program, we will impart valuable life skills and entrepreneurial training. Through the SACCO we will foster savings, networking, lending and mutual support of members by all others. We aspire to create an energetic, fun filled and inspiring learning environment for all participants.

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