How to run a successful, professional business. This training includes both theory and practical sessions

Princess Boss
This package is for our young girls ages 8-18. Training will be done during school holidays i.e. April, August and December. Activities will be age appropriate and include games, goal setting, setting up a small business, encouraging savings into their own personal accounts, and fun fairs where communities are invited to come and support our future Lady Bosses. Training fees are $1 per month.

Girl Boss
The ladies that are over 18 and ready to start a business but have not yet decided upon what exactly they wish to do will be catered for in this category. The training will enable them to identify needs within their communities and how they can convert these into a profitable, sustainable business. The training will involve monthly group training with plenty of fun activities designed to energize the budding entrepreneur, introduce her to other young women on the same program, and impart valuable entrepreneurship and personal skills too. Weekly individual assignments will also be done so as to give individualized attention to the trainee. Training fees will be $5 per month.

Lady Boss
Once our members are ready to start a business, the training is tailored to address their need to be able to effectively plan for and administer a business. Women who are already running small businesses are also catered for in this category. This includes being trained on how to write project proposals, cashflow projections, loan applications and all the legalities involved in running a business in Zimbabwe. Training fees will be $10 per month.

Madam Boss
This is a woman whose business is now established and she is now consolidating her business into a corporate entity. Issues of Corporate Governance, Systems and Controls, Departmentalization and Decentralization are covered in the training and it is ongoing as every year reviews on implementation and improvement are performed with valuable feedback given to the Madam Boss. One of the major benefits of the training at this stage is also the ability to use the extensive countrywide network of fellow entrepreneurs to market their product throughout Zimbabwe. Training fees at this stage are $20 per mont