Hi Ladies,
So the first quarter of the year is drawing to a close. Everything is happening so fast this year. I have barely managed to catch my breath and already it's 60 days of the year eaten up. Like many of you, I have a million plans, a long list of things on my to-do list. And if you are a career woman with children like me, every time you think you've finally snatched a moment of peace to do some writing or editing for your magazine, one child is clambering onto your lap and telling you he is hungry, another is shouting “Mom, what's wrong with the Wi-Fi?” (like I'm the IT boff around here) and your only daughter is suddenly interested in finding out what you think of her next intended hairstyle or what she wants to wear tomorrow etc etc. At first you ignore them and then the guilt sets in and you drop what you were doing and attend to your little ones. Can a woman really have it all?

Hallo   Fempreneurs!
Hallo! I'm pleased to write this note to introduce our 4th edition of Fempreneurs magazine. Our theme this month is going to be about not giving up on your goals even when the going gets tough. This month the topic is especially dear to my heart because this December we were meant to be doing our 11th edition, but we're only doing our 4th after a 7 month break. Have we been dead in the interim? No we've been working the millions of tiny baby steps which are much like those thousands of invisible stitches that hold a designer dress together. The passion with which we First launched our magazine still grips our team as does the fervent desire to see
women rise up out of the ashes.

Hallo   Fempreneurs!

What an eventful month it has been. It’s difficult to believe that the third month of the year is already knocking at our doors. Makes most of us feel like asking for just one free trial month every year so we can catch our breaths. The end of a quarter is a perfect time for self-reflection. We may ask ourselves, “What have I achieved? Am I on track with my goals for this year?” If you’re less than satisfied with your answers to these questions, take heart, this edition will help you get right back on track.

Hallo Fempreneurs!

Welcome to our inaugural edition of the Fempreneurs magazine. Why have we started yet another magazine targeting women? Well we feel that there are two groups of

women out there: one group that wants to start a business, and another that wants to expand their business terrain. For the first group, we publish stories of every day women who are running small businesses.

About Us

Entrepreneurs is a group of young female entrepreneurs whose common objective is to empower young urban women throughout Zimbabwe between the ages of 8 and 40.


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