Adore You – Adore Tariq

Started to adore you,
loving every
second to push the
minutes into killing more
for only during these sunny
my eyes can
vividly see your soul,
the soul that called my name
to pour my love into
since the darkness rises and
the evil
overshadows the night,
demons chasing precious
spirits to feast on,
but yours my beloved
is protected by prayers and an unravelled
ray of my love.
Took more than seconds,
to fill up
the minutes,
just to kill more hours
trying to spend much time
with you.
One in a million,
a million in one,
one million a million times,
can never
match the
love you deserve.
Love is war,
this love for you is
ready to be your soldier,
your shield,
your bulletproof vest,
your everything,
one million a million times,
the love you deserve.
This poem is part of the September 2022 Fempreneurs Africa Magazine competition for the poets among us. The objective is to make the month one of love, happiness and upliftment. If you would like to enter your poem and stand a chance to win one of 54 amazing and exciting prizes, send a whatsapp to +263719863610 and we will gladly explain the rules of the competition. Deadline for submission is 25 September 2022.  Winners will be announced via our instagram platform


  1. This is so beautiful ❤️

  2. What a wonderful work of art….
    Adore you…
    I love every lines and the whole piece.

  3. Whaaaaat🙌🔥

    1. This is so dope

  4. Profound literature. I’m in love with your pen

  5. Nice

  6. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Lovely my guy

  8. This is a really beautiful piece. I love each and every line. Ride on!!!!!!

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