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Commit to Excellence and the world will learn to pronounce your name: Monday 25 July 2022
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Today the world tabloids are awash with the name Oluwatobiloba Ayomide aka “Tobi” Amusan. To some of you, it’s probably the first time you are reading about her or learning to pronounce her name. Tobi is a Nigerian track and field athlete who specializes in the 100 meters hurdles. She was announced gold medallist and new world record holder after winning the women’s 100 meters hurdles final during the World Athletics Championships at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.
In her words after being crowned the world champion the 25-year-old athlete said
“The goal was to come out and to win this gold”
Watching the race and the crowning moment got me thinking about the following:
 1.   Success is by design and not by default. You cannot experience that which has not crossed your mind, neither can you experience that which you do not possess the courage to pursue. People waiting for an invitation to join a great project or an exciting opportunity will rarely end up in the winner’s circle. Sitting on the sidelines won’t likely bring success to your door. To win, you have to aggressively engage in the activity. Tobi was very intentional.
She said her one and only goal was to “come out and to win this gold”.
Champions do not hope for things to get better, they better things. They set goals and work towards achieving them.
Do you have any career goals you are currently pursuing or you are waiting to be invited?
2.   Thin ends are necessary. Wikipedia recognizes Tobi as a Nigerian track and field athlete who specializes in the 100 meters hurdles. First, she is a sports professional in the track and field events division but specifically specializes in 100m hurdles. This brings me back to what I often say ”when you know where you are going you will know what to carry and what to leave behind.” In her case, she can clearly identify herself as a 100m hurdles specialist and that helps her with what to focus on.
3.   Greatness cannot be downloaded from the internet. The commentator mentioned that Tobi had been an African Champion and proceeded to be a Commonwealth champion and now World Champion. This is clearly a journey of intentional excellence, focusing on phased attainable goals which she acted on.  Excellence is an intentional effort. You cannot reach world-class recognition by merely wishing you were a champion or through mediocre performance. Develop the self-discipline to remain focused on your career goals and do whatever it takes to get to the top.
4.  Winners shake off adversaries and failure: Few winners win every time. Loss in life makes victory sweeter. But nobody likes to lose. It is hard not to get the things you want and to deal with the pain when things go wrong. But spending all of your time dwelling on anger, anxiety, or what might have been diverting focus from what can be accomplished.
In August 2020, Tobi finished 4th in the same races and today the world knows her as a world champion. No one will remember those races she lost on her way to the top. You become a winner because you have mastered the art of overcoming your weaknesses. In the process of implementing your career capstone (vision), you will face challenges. Problems do not exist so you can quit! Problems act as your quality control. They are your golden feedback! They will inform you on what you need and must do to deliver better results
5.  The winner stands alone. It was a teary moment as she stepped onto the podium to receive her gold medal while her country’s national anthem was being played. Remember you cannot pay your way to the podium; it is only by applying yourself that the world will recognize you as a champion. It will not matter where you come from, or which language you speak, the world will learn to speak and write your name. Greatness teaches the world a new language. Think like a winner, apply yourself with such diligence as champions do and you will soon stand out as the go-to person in your career. Only your name will be spoken of regarding the problems you solve.
6.   You cannot go it all alone. Wikipedia mentions that Tobi works with a coach (Lacena Golding-Clarke Mika Laaksonen). Recognize that ability is a gift, but if you are to go far you will inevitably need to work with a Coach! A coach in your career will challenge you, your attitudes, beliefs, and perspective; hold you accountable for your actions and goals, and push you to a point of growth and possibly even transformation. Tobi applied the principles taught by her coach in private and today we celebrate her in public. Identify your abilities, choose a coach to help you and you will excel.
7. Focus on what you do best and the money will flow. Tobi was given a $100 000 winner’s cheque for winning the race in 12 seconds. Imagine that! The Inside Gist Blog mentions that Tobi’s net worth is $2 Million and she is only 25 years old! The difference really is her daily routine. Engage in high-value activities that contribute toward your career capstone.
8. Winners Maximize Opportunity: Winners understand and acknowledge that others are after the same goal as they do, therefore they maximize every opportunity available. Career-driven professionals should understand that they are not alone in the goal they are pursuing and as a result, they must always perform at a top-notch level. Combine confidence, strategy, and tactics to brand yourself as the first-to-mind person in your field of operation
I hope you picked something today about developing career goals and working towards achieving them.
Coach Stern

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