Dear Bae – Melusi Steyn

Dear bae

A tale told to tally with her tantalizing tongue


Knock knock,

The first knock on your door,

Tend to it with a honeyed smile,

That will shock-wave beyond mere action,

to mellifluous melody,

That will echo Melusi, Oh! Melusi.

My sweet love, unfold

The true colors of your seraphic affection,

Walk closer,

let me hold you down the waist,

And obscure you to the vast world,

With nothing but smoking kisses

Let me love you

On the fateful day,

The day I’ll honor red,

As the limning of the maiden’s heart

One who stole mine,

I will kneel, be my my Aphrodite,

For Medusa’s short lived.

Bare, my feelings you have unmasked,

Undressed, undefined, you leave me bare,

Transparent, bae to you I oath,

from this point, as we crawl into each other’s arms,

past you and I walking with sticks, in old age.

My love, like wine won’t age,

but mature, I call it whisky love,

So give me your tickly touches,

Save me from tonight’s hangover,

As I’ll be skunky drunk in your arms,

Kiss me down my abs and touch me

touch wherever you want to,

And invite me, let me ponder upon wonders,

of your pompano body,

I sound a bit like a cartoon,

You drive me crazy, though I’m lazy to admit,

I want you, deep down my throat

I feel the air your heart pumps rise and fall like a thermometer

I am a world and you are the atmosphere and environment


Written by Melusi Steyn


This poem is part of the February 2022 Fempreneurs Africa Magazine competition for the poets among us. The objective is to make the month one of love, happiness and upliftment. If you would like to enter your poem and stand a chance to win one of 54 amazing and exciting prizes, send a whatsapp to +263719863610 and we will gladly explain the rules of the competition. Deadline for submission is 15 February 2022.  Winners will be announced via our instagram platform

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