Business women travel throughout Zimbabwe and networking is an essential part of her routine. This events page highlights events for the month that are suitable for every woman in business to attend, showing dates, times, venues themes and costs.

Why Is This Important?

Networking expands your market reach and influence. It lets you know who os doing what and how they can help you in your business or how your business can help them. It’s an opportunity to learn, interact and unwind amongst like minded individuals

How Do You Network?

  1. Show up on time appropriately dressed
  2. Bring your business cards
  3. Smile, make eye contact and give a firm (not painful) handshake when you get an opportunity to talk to someone
  4. Show more interest in what the other person is saying than on what you want to say
  5. Do not try to make a sale at a networking event. Collect contacts and make appointments for after the event

Happy networking ladies!