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Why Should Your Business Appear in an Online Directory?

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There are so many exciting benefits to having your business listed on a directory and all of them translate to more sales for your business! Yes, get those dollars flowing your way by making it easier for people to find you online and to trust you. Let’s explore just five benefits:

Your Business Becomes Easier to Find

Businesses that are listed in a directory are part of a community. Thus, Google ranks these entries higher than others. This means if someone is looking for a beautician, or an electrical engineer for example, your business listed in Fempreneurs Africa Magazine, will show up on a search above other businesses that are not listed in a directory. 

Directories Give the Right Information For Customers

Directories are designed to quickly give a potential customer relevant information for their decision-making. They quickly tell the searcher the name of the company, where it is located, the contact details, the products on offer, and even links to the business’s website or social media pages. These days, people want fast, relevant information at the click of a button. 

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Directory listings make people more aware of your brand, especially if you include a logo on your entry. Here’s a handy tip : List your business in several trustworthy directories. When customers keep coming across your entry in the various directories, they begin to associate your business with that service, and it becomes top of mind when they need to make a purchase.

Reach More People

Your own marketing efforts can only take you so far. However, when your business is also being pushed by various directories, you will doublessly reach far more people each and every day. What does that translate to? More sales over time!

Directories Are Social!

Directories, believe it or not, are perfect places for business to business interactions, where business owners can connect and form partnerships. So if your business needs business to business connections, list on a directory and start networking.

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The 2023 Fempreneurs Africa Business Directory is a publication bringing together all female owned enterprises in Africa.  It will be a document used by banks, government departments,  NGOs, embassies and any other institution or individual wishing to engage with female owned businesses. We believe that this will be good for the exposure and growth of the listed entities. 

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How To Get Listed

To be listed, the business must provide the following information:

  1. Name of Business
  2. Description of business in 12 words or less
  3. Contact person (must be female)
  4. Contact number
  5. Physical address
  6. Email address and website are optional you can supply them if you like
  7. USD25 for the entry or Ecocash equivalent. This will cover your entry up to 31 December 2023.
  8. Your business logo and any other pictures that you would like to appear on your gallery
  9. Send details via whatsapp to +263719863610 or email to info@entrepreneurs.co.zw 

We hope to list you soon!

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