Fempreneurs February 2017

Hallo Fempreneurs!

Welcome to our inaugural edition of the Fempreneurs magazine. Why have we started yet another magazine targeting women? Well we feel that there are two groups of women out there: one group that wants to start a business, and another that wants to expand their business terrain. For the first group, we publish stories of every day women who are running small businesses.

This is because these women are our unsung heroes and really provide motivation to every other woman who is trying to start a business. For the second group of women, we provide networking opportunities, access to capital for expansion of your business, and exciting large business opportunities that we can pursue together.

We will also feature men. Yes we haven’t completely burned our bras yet. These men are champions of women’s causes in their own way and we want to appreciate them and hopefully start a trend featuring men supporting women in meaningful ways.

I trust that this magazine will keep us inspired, excited and focused throughout the year, and through our monthly networking opportunities, give us lots of fun, fun, fun! I hope to meet a lot more women in business this year and profile them for us all to emulate.

Happy reading!
Pearl Mbazima


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Hallo Fempreneurs! Welcome to our inaugural edition of the Fempreneurs magazine....

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