Fempreneurs January 2020

Hallo Ladies,
The year is FINALLY over. It’s had its ups and downs. It’s time to rest during the holidays and reflect. We’ll all be asking ourselves the same question, “2019, what on earth was THAT?” Then we’ll go deeper and ask what did I do best, what was my worst moment, what could I have done better, what did I learn, what should I unlearn. These questions will help us get to a better understanding of ourselves, who we have become and enable us to plan for an amazing 2020.

What do we have in this month’s magazine to help us get there? We have another commentary on the Zimbabwe situation by Roderick, presenting all the golden opportunities presented by our crisis. Our parenting article is not to be missed as we continue to explore what role parents and guardians play in developing the mind of a child. We’re Fempreneurs on a mission to raise solid, independent children. Our CoachPreneurs of the month namely Tabeth, Rachael and Jennet are women of many hats, juggling family, business and still making time to coach others for life success. How do they do it all? Find out

In our training article, we are going to learn how to decide what sort of business to embark in. If you are already running a business that you love, this article will help you to start thinking of great ways to expand in it. Perfect timing for those new years resolutions and those strategic formulating meetings that we are all having, whether with our staff, board members or by ourselves in our heads, if we are a one-woman band.

Last but not least, I am encouraging every woman running a business to sign up for an entry in the 2020 Fempreneurs Business Directory. The 2020 Fempreneurs Business Directory, is a publication bringing together all female owned enterprises in Zimbabwe. It will be a document used by banks, government departments, NGOs, embassies and any other institutions or individuals wishing to engage with female owned businesses. We believe that this will be good for the exposure and growth of the listed entities. So please get in touch with us ladies and list your business, micro size, small, medium or large. Let’s compile the ultimate women-owned business directory together.

Enjoy reading our January magazine and look forward to a really good 2020 together.

Much Love,



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Hallo Ladies, The year is FINALLY over. It's had its ups and downs. It's time to...

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