Fempreneurs June 2019

Hi Ladies,
This month’s theme is “New Beginnings”… Fempreneurs is back with a bang! We’ve spent a lot of time behind the scenes, trying to come up with something that would leave our readers awed and inspired and this is what we’ve come up with. Firstly there are so much more events included in our events section. We’ve reached out to more networks. Being a woman headed for the top can get lonely and one needs to go out every once in a while and socialize with like minded people.

The events that we have chosen are designed to bring this to you with ease. There are more events on our online platforms so do inbox me to be added to our events groups. They’re ‘admin posting only’ so no noise there. Secondly, our events now cover the whole country (yaaayyyy) so whenever you are in an unfamiliar place in Zimbabwe, look up the events happening near you and go meet new people! Your network is your net worth$$$!

Thirdly, we now have a Kidpreneurs page in the magazine. So if you have a child, get them to read and participate in the monthly activities posted there. They’re designed to boost kids confidence, problem solving ability, speaking and other things that will help them become effective adults in the future.

Our fourth new feature is the training page. In this article, we seek to train women on good entrepreneurship practices such as planning, research, costing, marketing, record keeping, human resource management, savings and investments, loans etc. This should see our readers becoming women who are continuously improving and growing their business operations. And finally and in my opinion, most importantly, we have a bargains page. In this edition of Fempreneurs, all our adverts are specials.

We believe in saving and making every dollar stretch further. So we’ve approached various businesses and asked them to give our readers a special bargain just for being Fempreneurs. To access the specials, you simply produce your printed copy of Fempreneurs magazine and pay the discounted price to access the special on offer. Shopping and saving bundled into one with Fempreneurs!

I hope you will enjoy our five new special features and keep a copy of Fempreneurs magazine in your handbag for quick referral when you need a bargain or need to network.

Much Love, Pearl


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Hi Ladies, This month’s theme is “New Beginnings”… Fempreneurs is back with...

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