Fempreneurs March 2017

Hallo   Fempreneurs!

What an eventful month it has been. It’s difficult to believe that the third month of the year is already knocking at our doors. Makes most of us feel like asking for just one free trial month every year so we can catch our breaths. The end of a quarter is a perfect time for self-reflection. We may ask ourselves, “What have I achieved? Am I on track with my goals for this year?” If you’re less than satisfied with your answers to these questions, take heart, this edition will help you get right back on track.

This month we are featuring a woman talking about her exciting savings journey. She built a business from her own personal savings and shared her inspiring future plans with us (Page 11). Tania Madimutsa dug into her vast financial services knowledge and also contributed a lovely article on why we should save (Page 20). Senor Stern is our Man of the Month and he has taken special occasion to write a piece to motivate women and keep them going (page 22).

The main purpose of this magazine is to be a handbook for the serious business woman. It’s handbag sized so that you can keep it on you and refer to it as often as you refresh your make up or straighten your hair. So what’s in here to keep you looking? We have business news (page 9), Fempreneurs know what’s happening and how it affects them. We have business networking events (page 18), the businesswoman on the go needs to know what’s happening and where so that she can meet her market and have a good time while at it.

There are also business opportunities (page 16), when we have saved our money, where can we invest it? As part of your subscription to this magazine, as a Fempreneur you get to receive weekly updates on these topics fresh on your desk Monday mornings. So be sure to give us your email address.
I hope that you will enjoy reading this edition as much as we enjoyed preparing it.

Happy reading!
Pearl Mbazima



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Hallo Fempreneurs! What an eventful month it has been. It’s difficult to believe...

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