Fempreneurs March 2018

Hi Ladies,
So the first quarter of the year is drawing to a close. Everything is happening so fast this year. I have barely managed to catch my breath and already it’s 60 days of the year eaten up. Like many of you, I have a million plans, a long list of things on my to-do list. And if you are a career woman with children like me, every time you think you’ve finally snatched a moment of peace to do some writing or editing for your magazine, one child is clambering onto your lap and telling you he is hungry, another is shouting “Mom, what’s wrong with the Wi-Fi?” (like I’m the IT boff around here) and your only daughter is suddenly interested in finding out what you think of her next intended hairstyle or what she wants to wear tomorrow etc etc. At first you ignore them and then the guilt sets in and you drop what you were doing and attend to your little ones. Can a woman really have it all?

So what do we have for you ladies this month to keep you inspired, motivated and growing? We have a mind-opening parenting article by Denise Magoronga on Mental Genocide. Are you killing your children without knowing it? Read it on Page 6. Tino Chimusoro has also gone out and interviewed our Fempreneur of the Month. What’s so amazing about her? She’s been an entrepreneur since the age of 10 and has walked an interesting journey to this final destination where she does what she loves all day long. Her passion has also earned her national awards!

In Business News, we have an exciting development for all our female entrepreneurs that have been looking high and low for somewhere professional and polished to operate from. We all know that the success of our business depends on the client’s perception of our business. Read the article on Page 17 for more. If your business needs an office, or trading booths or refrigerated space, it’s bound to grow by being at this iconic business centre.

We have even more networking and marketing events for you than ever before in this magazine. This is YOUR HANDBOOK so keep it on you. It’s handbag sized for just that purpose. Occasionally find out where the next event for your self enhancement will be and attend it. Best MBA ever!!! And Fnally let me draw your attention to July28 our advertiser on Page 2.

Our businesses will never move forward and grow without professional accounting services. Talk to them about your requirements. And get your baby those adorable swings on our back page!! All run and designed by Fempreneurs. Have an awesome March ladies! We look forward to meeting you all in due time and hearing all your experiences on how your businesses are growing.

Much Love, Pearl


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Hi Ladies, So the first quarter of the year is drawing to a close. Everything is...

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