Fempreneurs March 2020

Hallo Ladies,
Hallo Fempreneurs welcome to the March 2020 edition of Fempreneurs Magazine! This month, our special feature is Ms Tendai Chigariro, founder of a business that provides piping to the construction industry. The construction industry is male dominated and we would love to see more women participating in it outside the traditional administrative roles that women typically used to take up.

Why do women not participate in construction? Firstly there are the obvious gender related biases like sexual harassment at the workplaces (for example being subjected to crude gender biased jokes at work). The risk of injury at work for women is also higher in the construction industry since most protective gear is designed for men.

There is also a lack of mentors for them, not many women in the industry to look up to. We are hoping that through this edition of Fempreneurs Magazine, we can highlight strong women for the younger women to emulate and grow into. The increase in numbers of women in the construction industry will give them an opportunity to change the industry standards so that they are more accommodative of future generations of women in construction.

We also have a Teenpreneur of the Month who has ventured into the detergents business. Find out how he has used love money (money from family and friends) and prize money to start a small but flourishing business, while still doing well in his studies.

Our writers for agronomy, parenting, investments, news and inspiration have not let us down but have continued to provide us with good quality, and uplifting articles for our monthly consumption. Look out for our April Fempreneurs which will be highlighting players in the Events and Weddings sector.

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Hallo Ladies, Hallo Fempreneurs welcome to the March 2020 edition of Fempreneurs...

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