Fempreneurs May 2017

Hallo Fempreneurs!
I am super excited to bring you this our third edition of Fempreneurs. We decided to focus on beauty and entrepreneurship this month. Far too often we find that as women, the busier we get, the more likely we are to neglect ourselves. We typically “burn”ourselves to give others light. I think this is the way we are made but this month is for reminding ourselves to be beautiful inside and out, and to raise our daughters to be the same.

We have a beautifully written article on parenting by Varaidzo Mapunde (page 5) and I love her angle on how her daughter is not being raised to be a princess!
Sameea Hassim, our beautiful cover girl, also took some time out to write on how she has grown into a beautiful professional career woman and entrepreneur. She reminds us to never stop growing and always be grateful for opportunities that come our way. Her inspiring story is on page13.Take special note of the Fempreneurs meeting held every first Saturday of the month. It’s a wonderful opportunity to kick your feet up and catch up with other ladies in business, over a braai and drinks.

Hatiendikumba, kumbangakuuyekuFempreneurs braai!
I was inspired by a word picture on dating, it said “You date on the level of your self esteem”. What it means basically is you get the relationship you believe you deserve. It seems to apply to every aspect of life though, if you believe that you are going to run a business just to put food on the table, that’s what it’s going to be. If you believe that your business is going to be the next Econet or Facebook or Amazon, then that’s what it’s going to be. As women, we need to look deep inside ourselves and see our beauty and our strength.

We are designed to be resilient and we have an awesome capacity to feel and imagine. Embrace your feminine beauty and use it to realise your dreams. Yes that thing that you so badly want but don’t really think you can have? YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT! We’re going to change that meme above to “You run a business to the level of your self esteem”.

And finally a shout out to my Fempreneurs team you guys are amazing and we wouldn’t be issuing our third edition without you Gerty, Ben, Washy and Sophie, huge hugs. These ladies and gentlemen are made of stuff you only find in never. You guys do professional work all the time and are such a pleasure to be associated with.
I hope you will enjoy reading this magazine just as much as we derived pleasure in putting it together.

Be Inspired
Pearl Mbazima


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Hallo Fempreneurs! I am super excited to bring you this our third edition of Fempreneurs....

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