Fempreneurs October 2019

Hi Ladies,
Hallo ladies, welcome to the  October 2019 edition of Fempreneurs Magazine, the Classy Classifieds edition.  This month, we have reached out to women in business throughout Zimbabwe, and captured their contact details and what they do. This is the first step towards our creating our very own Female-Owned Business Directory, the first edition of which will be out in January 2020. Why a Female-Owned Business Directory?

Well at Fempreneurs, we seriously believe that when you support a woman’s business, she becomes empowered, and thus empowers her family, her community and ultimately the whole country benefits, in this case our Southern African region, which is the area that this directory will cover.

The directory will be used by anyone who wishes to do business with women-owned businesses as a way of supporting women in business. So if you are a woman, and you own a business, now is the best time to enlist on our Classy Classifieds and put your foot in the door for international business opportunities.

We have profiled two women. Gladys Chibanda our Fempreneur of the Month, has a remarkable recycling story to tell. Charlene Chimbwanda, our Savings Story belle has built a wonderful leisure resort from next to no funds, just a lot of creativity and passion. I love this months stories and sure you, the reader, will too.

We have events from around Zimbabwe too that our Fempreneurs can attend to expand their networks and knowledge. Definitely make a stop over on our events page. Our training continues as we examine the place that Gender has in our business plans. If you’d like your business plans reviewed as we work on them throughout the year please let us know and we’ll arrange a mentor for you.

Otherwise have a happy, fulfilled and inspired October!!!

Much Love, Pearl


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Hallo ladies, welcome to the October 2019 edition of Fempreneurs Magazine, the Classy...

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