Fempreneurs October 2020

Hallo Fempreneurs!

Welcome to yet another lovely edition of Fempreneurs Magazine. This month, we are focusing on farming, hence the name, the Agro Edition.

As a country, Zimbabweans have experienced a deep love affair with farming since the Covid shutdown at the end of March 2020. The lockdown took many by surprise, finances weren’t in order. The majority are self-employed and already living from hand to mouth. So when a 21 day shut down was announced, many worried that they would not have enough food to take them through that period. If only they had known that 21 days would turn out to be 6 months and we’re still counting! That’s a story for another day.

We quickly discovered food that grows fast, like broiler chickens (6 weeks), rape rampart (30 days), Tsunga (30 days), shallots (14 days to harvesting leaves) etc etc. Thus began our love affair with the earth. The earth is a wonderful partner to work with. Once you understand the soil type you have, and you treat it right, it responds almost magically, giving you plentiful food from a small handful of seeds. Amazing.

So this month we are bringing to you our Agropreneur of the Month Ms Lydia Gumbi, she grows organic sweet potato among other things at her farm. Our Savings Story is Ms Concilia Maunzagona who saves money every month by growing her own food, even though she is a city-slicking Accountant. We’re also going to share the inspiring story of a gentleman from Matabeleland, Peter Cunningham and see how childhood training in farming reaps big rewards, which, coincidentally, is the topic of our parenting article this month.

Do you understand Pfumvudza? What is it even? Find out in our “On The News” article this month. We have also taken the opportunity to return the Bargains and Events section of Fempreneurs Magazine and believe it will bring you more value on a daily basis.

Fempreneurs Magazine is designed to be your go-to magazine, the one you keep in your bag (hence it’s A5 size) and refer to throughout the month whenever you need to attend a local event, go shopping for cheap, or simply reach in for some inspiration and motivation to keep you going as a woman in business.

We trust you will enjoy reading this edition just as much as we enjoyed making it.


Editor, Fempreneurs Magazine


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Hallo Fempreneurs! Hallo Ladies, Welcome to yet another lovely edition of Fempreneurs...

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