From Side-Hustle to Scalable Enterprise : The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Course for Business Growth and Formalization

Who is is a team of 8 Consultants who are dedicated to the cause of fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe. With over 200 years of working experience between them, their specialties are in the fields of Audit &Accounting, Business Development, Law, Taxation, Insurance, Social Work, Marketing & Digitalization, and Banking & Insurance. has been providing training in entrepreneurship to thousands of Zimbabwean SMEs since 2016.

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What Is the Entrepreneurs 26 Week Course?

The 26-week course in Entrepreneurship is a practical, hands on, hybrid course, for anyone who wants to start up a new business, or who wishes to see their existing business grow and become more profitable. It is not an academic qualification to be used in getting a job, but a life-changing business encounter that will alter how you approach starting and running a small business. It also touches on areas that will grow a small business into a medium-sized business. This course will bring you into contact with many individuals that will be critical in the growth and success of your business.

Course Content

The course covers 20 topics in Entrepreneurship and in addition to this, provides monthly opportunities for participants to meet together to network and review material together in person. Every month, site visits to large companies are also slotted in, to give participants inspiration and some great learning opportunities. Every large organization started as an idea, and then a small business before growing large. Towards the end of the year, willing participants get to pitch their ideas before investors and stand a chance to get start-up capital. And of course, the grand finale, the colorful graduation ceremony where successful participants receive their certificates and celebrate the end of the course. The last two weeks of the year are reserved for goal setting, so that everyone can hit the ground running in 2025.

Details of the Topics

  1. The Business Life Cycle: How do businesses start off and grow from one stage to another? What does an entrepreneur need to do to achieve this growth?
  2. Business Idea Formulation : How can you come up with your own unique business idea?
  3. Setting Up Formally : What components are critical for a business to be properly set up for growth?
  4. Business Planning : Learn how to write your own bankable business plan, and break it down into implementable daily activities
  5. Marketing : How to package your product or service and get it to your customers better than your competitors, while still making a profit
  6. Estate Planning & Financial Literacy : How to make your money work for you, and for generations after you
  7. Commercial Law : Learn the basics of what laws apply to businesses in Zimbabwe
  8. Licensing & Taxation : Getting your licenses and having your tax affairs in order prevents many run ins with the law, and it helps your business grow. Find out how in this session.
  9. Risk Management : After working so hard to grow your business, you want to avoid the kind of losses that could cripple your business
  10. Greening : Addressing how your business is helping the world to get cleaner makes it more attractive to both funders and customers alike.
  11. Community Impact : Get some original ideas on how you can give back to your community, which has the side-effect enhancing your business image and brand.
  12. Record-Keeping : Keeping accurate records helps you produce reports that enhance the quality of the decisions you will make in your business. It also helps you get funding easier.
  13. Costing : Knowing in detail how much each of your products or services costs you to deliver is crucial if you are to make profits.
  14. Networking : They say “Your network is your net worth”. This session covers useful hints and tips critical in making your networking efforts count.
  15. Fund Raising : Learn about the various sources of capital and get started on raising your capital
  16. Digitalization : How can you make the ICT revolution work in your favour? Increase profitability and efficiency by going digital
  17. Tendering & Export Markets : Getting a tender is a great way to leap-frog your business’s growth. The Zimbabwean economy is shrinking, forcing businesses to look beyond the border for their markets. How can you be export ready?
  18. The National Budget and The Monetary Policy : How can you interpret these, what do they each talk about, and how do these pronouncements affect your business?
  19. Managing People (and Productivity) : People are an organization’s biggest asset. They make or break the business. How can you get and retain skilled workers?
  20. Pitching Your Business : Learn how to present your business idea to potential customers and investors

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The Calendar for 2024


How Will the Training Be Conducted?

The training will be held daily from Monday to Friday starting 6pm to 8pm via online platforms including WhatsApp and Telegram.

Presentations will be made by consultants from, backed up by experts from banks, insurers, estate managers, Government Departments such as Social Welfare, Environmental Management, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Companies Registrar, Zimtrade, RBZ, Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, venture capitalists, buyers from corporate companies, city councils, ZIMRA and PORTRAZ. All this is done so as to give participants the most in-depth exposure to the subject and to introduce them to the people who can help to facilitate the formalization and growth of their businesses.

Participants will get one week off lectures to do assignments every month, and another week where visits to corporates will be had. Lessons learnt from these visits will be documented during assignment week every month. At the end of every assignment week, there will also be an in-person networking event at a venue to be disclosed at the beginning of that month.

How Can You Register for the Course?

The cost of this 6 months course is USD60. There is an early bird special for participants who pay on or before 22 December 2023 of USD50. Last date for registration and payment is Sunday 31 December 2023.

To register, send the following details to +263771674719

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Province
  4. Occupation
  5. Gender
  6. Proof of Payment

Make payment to



Ecocash, Mukuru and Innbucks are also accepted. Details provided on request.

Corporate visits and networking events will have a separate charge to be advised upon per event.

8 Great Reasons to Join the Entrepreneurs 26 Week Course

  1. Join a class of like-minded people to share experiences and grow with
  2. Get an opportunity to be introduced to other professionals in positions that will make a difference to the growth of your business
  3. Learn about each topic from seasoned professionals in their various fields
  4. It’s great value for money at only USD2.50 per week of invaluable learning
  5. Improve your business management skills and increase profitability in your business
  6. Get access to information, funding and markets for your business
  7. Most of the material is delivered online, enabling you to learn from the comfort of your home and at your own pace
  8. Grow your network every single month

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To Register for the 26 Week Course, or for any other enquiries, please send a WhatsApp message to +263771674719


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