Her Words – Professaw B. Gonye

Her words.

Take me to the wild where roses dance to the tune of the wind.
Take me to the deep end of the horizons where real love is felt between the silent beasts and the sea.
Swaddle me only with your heart and let your body be a tower to transmit our love to the gods of love with nothing else but a rare unique pitch.
Tell me!
What is it that I lack?
Is it Love, loyalty, honesty or trust? Do I really look like a lady in need?
Many thought that this ship would malfunction but this love indeed is a germinating seed.
Many thought that this love vehicle would stop but surprisingly it’s moving at white light speed.
Who said taking it slow would kill?
Who said taking it slow would not fullfil my needs?
Do they even know the real meaning of love in terms of time and deeds.
Do they even know that we are forever lovers like macaroni and cheese.

Love is love only when two hearts drown in love itself and are committed to each other.
Love is love only when two souls are combined and tied together to form one tireless soul.
Love is love only when maturity is the age and not the age being the maturity.
It is quite disturbing to our rivals when they smell it and find out that our love reeks only of peace and true love itself.
It is quite disturbing to our rivals when they gaze and see that it is only loyalty and commitment that rules our so combined hearts.
Are you not afraid they might just kidnap our hearts?
Are you not afraid they might destroy our love so perfect?

©Brian Gonye (Professaw B.Gonye)
All copyrights reserved to the above mentioned Author.


This poem is part of the February 2022 Fempreneurs Africa Magazine competition for the poets among us. The objective is to make the month one of love, happiness and upliftment. If you would like to enter your poem and stand a chance to win one of 54 amazing and exciting prizes, send a whatsapp to +263719863610 and we will gladly explain the rules of the competition. Deadline for submission is 15 February 2022.  Winners will be announced via our instagram platform www.instagram.com/fempreneurs_africa

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