Hidden Love – Chauke Divine


It’s always hidden , even my heart itself
fails to realize it’s already stolen .
I always ask myself why I act strange
in his presence .
‘Why is he always confused when I’m
around him ?’
‘Why can’t I control myself whenever my
eyes get in contact with him ?’
I’m not shy at all but once a conversation
is created between the two of us , I lose
all my confidence .
What’s this ?
Nothing else except for hidden love.

Eyes are our worst enemies .
They are good at betraying victims of
hidden love .
Once they get in contact they start expressing
the feelings that can never be verbally
pronounced .
They tell a lot more than the brain can even
assure it’s owner .
His eyes betray him , mine are worse .
All they can do is to leave their owners
speechless and confused .
I don’t blame the eyes though , rather
I praise them because they don’t keep secrets .
The brain is at fault because it always argues with
the heart when it comes to matters of love .
Eyes always expose hidden love


Any trial of avoiding each other worsens the
situation .
Sometimes I find myself working on the same
desk with him .
Nobody utters a word but the heart beat is always
the supervisor .
Trying to move on , I find myself holding his hand
to take him along with me .
Trying to run away from him , i always find him
blocking my way .
We want to be closer to each other but we can’t
expose it .
It’s difficult to expose hidden love .


Jealous controls us emotionally but still our
brain says there is nothing between us .
Nothing as painful as love playing hide
and seek .
No matter how hard I try to find it , it’s still
hidden .
I can’t spell it , he can’t spell it but still the
feelings got a better explanation .


Short of speech , confusion and madness
always strikes our weakness naked.
It’s hard to believe and it’s hard to tell .
The love can never be identified by outsiders.
Only our hearts can feel it , the brains opposes
but the eyes are our enemies.
They will always tell the truth no matter what .
I call it love that is never confirmed orally nor
theorically .
It is noticed through emotions , actions and facial
expressions .
It’s called ‘hidden love’


Written by Chauke Divine


This poem is part of the February 2022 Fempreneurs Africa Magazine competition for the poets among us. The objective is to make the month one of love, happiness and upliftment. If you would like to enter your poem and stand a chance to win one of 54 amazing and exciting prizes, send a whatsapp to +263719863610 and we will gladly explain the rules of the competition. Deadline for submission is 15 February 2022.  Winners will be announced via our instagram platform www.instagram.com/fempreneurs_africa


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