June 2021 Editor’s Note

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Welcome to June 2021. The final month of the first half of the year. School children are home on holidays in Zimbabwe and it’s just heart-warming to see them all catching up with each other and sharing news and stories from their various schools.

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The schools are sending newsletters with reminders of fees to be paid and about on-line lessons which are meant to keep our learners busy over the holiday, so they can catch up on lost school time from the Covid-19 Lockdowns. What’s your opinion on this phenomenon? Do our kids deserve a break or should they be kept busy with school even over the holidays? Share your opinion on our Facebook link (1) Facebook


This month, we shall most likely be busy with reviewing our half-year goals. Did we meet them? What have we learnt? What are we going to change? What will we let go of? What will we do more of? How will we approach the second half of the year? Plenty of food for thought and the team at Fempreneurs Africa will keep you motivated with relevant articles throughout the month.

One thing that has come out clearly is that cashflows aren’t what they used to be anymore. With many businesses having failed to make it out of lockdown, there’s just that much less money going around. How can a business survive these harsh economic conditions? And where can one find bargains to help them save on a personal front? These are some of the articles we will feature this month.


Your network is your net-worth is what they teach us in business school. But how do you network and where in these perilous days? Every professional businesswoman needs to add valuable contacts to their network on a daily basis. Much as it is important to remove toxic people from your circles, replacing them with healthy connections is equally valuable. Let’s share how to network effectively in this coming month.

Our editor’s note wouldn’t be complete without the competition of the month. This month we’re opening up to our readers and inviting more to join us. We will be calling it the Jabulani June competition. To enter the competition is very simple. Just wa.me/263719863610 with your full name and surname and tell us why you love Fempreneurs Africa. You will receive a link to your testimony. Share your testimonial link far and wide and encourage your friends to click on the link and view it. The testimonial with the most views wins!!! Prizes  will be announced as the month progresses so keep your eye on this space.


With that, I leave you to enjoy our June series of articles. I know you will love every single article.


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