Entrepreneurszw has defined Kidpreneurs as school age children ages 8-12. These are children who now have basic reading, writing and mathematical skills. We believe these are essential to the training that we impart to them. Entrepreneurszw trains Kidpreneurs of both genders to start thinking of ways to serve their communities and start saving.

Why Is This Important?

Mastering the skills of saving, hard work and delayed gratification early in life is something that sets a person up for financial success as an adult.

When one starts saving early, even small amounts add up to a big difference over time. The laws of compound interest work wonders by age 18 if one has started saving at 8.

As a small example applicable in Zimbabwe, suppose a child were to save up enough money to buy one male and one female road runner bird at age 8. With the right education on breeding and with sufficient land, that child would have thousands of birds by age 18. We have rural land available for such ventures. The child could start by feeding the birds scrap from their meals but as the flock grows, sales of chicks, eggs and cocks could sustain buying commercial feed. Just an example.

There are many ways a child can save and maintain the value of their savings even in a hyperinflationary environment such as the one we regularly find ourselves in in Zimbabwe.

How Are We Training Kidpreneurs?

Entrepreneurszw holds training sessions for Kidpreneurs every school holiday. Life friendships have been formed by kids who meet every holiday at these events and we believe this will culminate in strong business partnerships when these kids become adults.

Kids are taught skills like baking, beading, making cards, creating dreamboards (for keeping track of their life visions), kids are taught to save pocket money for big purchases and how to generate small parcels of money through Horticulture (a tiny garden with greens or tomatoes), and selling artwork.

We also have some how to videos and audios for our Kidpreneurs to consume at their own pace on our website and mobile app. We encourage parents and guardians to help their Kidpreneurs and support them at all times.