Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant A multi-use multi-purpose antibacterial disinfectant that kills 99% of germs while leaving behind an amazing fragrance and freshness that lasts all day. Zoflora will not only remove visible dirt and grease but also eliminate bacteria and viruses including the COVID-19 virus. Order your ZoFlora range today and experience a new way to clean and disinfect your home. …


A social enterprise that seeks to implement housekeeping solutions by identifying capable domestic workers and equipping them through capacity building. We offer the following services; 1. Domestic Worker Placements 2. Trainings 3. Residential and Corporate Cleaning Address: 6 St Kilda Road, Mount Pleasant Email: shanduko@hilsmag.com Phone: +263715273478 / +263780049413

Ezee Kleen Detergents

Ezee Kleen Detergents is a trusted provider of hygienic detergents as well as fumigation and disinfection services.   Phone +263 783152820 or +263 242 498362 Email sales@ezee-kleen.co.zw Physical Address 1 Chenai Building Clyde Road, Eastlea Harare website www.ezee-kleen.co.zw


Perfumes and detergents   Julie-Rose Fragrances, all scents, for only USD5 each   Toilet Cleaner, Sanitizer, Dishwashing Liquid and Tile Cleaner   Contact : +263773967298   Email : sininidube96@gmail.com

Bright Look Detergents

Manufacturing and distribution of household detergents   Contact Charlotte Kubara on +263772940681 +2637833047424 +263782613345

Rescue Cleaners Hygiene Solutions

Rescue Cleaners is engaged in the provision of effective high quality and safe cleaning products for professional janitorial industrial and commercial cleaning 🚛FREE DELIVERY (Ts & Cs apply)   See special offer for a hygiene value pack in gallery


Residential and Commercial –  cleaning solutions, indoor, outdoor, carpets, walls, windows & fumigation.