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Becoming Mrs. James is a book written by a Ugandan Author around enjoying the journey from singleness to settling in to marriage. With the reality of the stereotypical social context that builds high pressure and leads to poor decision making, it explores the journey of creating one’s own path while choosing happiness.

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Book Summary on “Becoming Mrs James”

Becoming Mrs. James changes the narrative on the journey from singlehood to marriage. People are often under pressure to make decisions that may not consider their personal desires and their path in life.
Kayaga shares how one can enjoy and optimise each life stage whilst protecting their personal happiness.

What should you do to enjoy your singleness? If you have intentions of dating or getting married, what can you do in your singleness to make you ready to take good decisions for yourself? If you are dating, how can you create a quality experience for yourself and for your partner? Before taking a leap to decide on a life partner, what can you think through for yourself, your partner and your perceptions and expectations to help you enjoy every step in this journey?

How can you prepare effectively for a wedding to create memorable experiences whilst managing your resources and effectively create a comfortable space for the two families and other stakeholders to enjoy the experience of marriage? How do you prepare for a marriage? How do you settle into this marriage to get your best foot forward? How can you give your marriage the best chance to thrive?

At the end of this enjoyable read, the author desires that you will feel empowered and able to take control of your life journey and pursue happiness!


About the Author:

Julianna Kayaga-Sseremba is an established organisation psychologist who has worked in mainstream HR management and management consulting.

She has, as a result, observed the impact of socio-cultural dynamics on the effectiveness of people within the workplace.

Julianna believes that it is important to create pathways for wellbeing at the workplace, because people go to work with all of who they are. And, that the quality of relationship with self and others is a huge part of this journey for wellbeing.



Author is in Uganda. The book can be accessed on the local market from Aristoc and Jumia


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