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Book Summary on “Becoming Mrs James”

Becoming Mrs James is a conversation around a change of narrative around the journey from singlehood to marriage.

A lot of stereotypes exist in society regarding what is expected or acceptable by social standard in terms of timelines and decisions during this journey.

These stereotypes, unfortunately, pressurise people to making poor decisions that are not able to deliver on their personal desires and their positive state of mind.

This story is one sharing how one can enjoy and optimise each life stage whilst protecting their personal happiness.

What should you do to enjoy your singleness?

If you have intentions of dating or getting married, what can you do in your singleness to make you ready to take good decisions for yourself?

If you are dating, how can you create a quality experience for yourself and for your partner?

Before taking a leap to decide on a life partner, what can you think through for yourself, your partner and your perceptions and expectations to help you establish feasibility of alignment?

How can you prepare effectively for a wedding to create memorable experiences whilst managing your resources and effective merging of two different families?

How do you prepare for a marriage? How do you settle into this marriage to get your best foot forward? How can you give your marriage the best chance to thrive?

At the end of this enjoyable read, the author desires that you will feel empowered and able to take control of your life journey and pursue happiness at all stages!


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