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For personal protective wear, medical equipment and supplies, and plasticware.

Available in Harare at Phylwin Industrial Solutions are PPE specials.Visit our offices at 95 Baines Avenues. or email

✅Oxygen Concentrators 🔥5 litres@ $900
🔥7 litres @$1200 {on promotion call for the amazing discount}
🔥🔥10 litres $1500
✅oxygen tanks
Available for hire or sell Oxygen concentrators and oxygen tanks dial a service { depends on availability}
✅Pulse Oximeters @$15
✅Steamer @$35
✅Hospital beds reclining@$1900
✅Sanitizing booth metal with pvc @$1800
✅Sanitizing booth with aluminium and glass $2200
✅Pregnancy strip test @15c each / $15/ box of 100
✅Pregnancy midstream test @$1 each
✅HIV test kits @$1;80 each
✅Bp monitoring arm machine $50
✅Bp machines
Mercurial $100
Gima $190
✅Covid Antigen test $15 /kits
✅Syphilis test kit $32
✅Malaria rapid test kit $3
✅16litres knapsacks $23
✅Hand held nebulizer $60
✅Knee support $5
✅Arm sling $6
Surgical blades $7/ box of 100
✅First Aid box regulation 3 contents $55

✅Stethoscope dual @$8
✅10ml Syringe without needles @$12/ 100
✅Boric acid 100g @$1 and 50g @50c
✅Healthease wipes $1;80
✅Crepe bandages
5cm @50c
15cm 90c
✅Non sterile gauze swab@$4/100

✅Rainsuits with or without reflectors available @$15
✅Rain coats adults $10
✅Kids Rain coats $7 available on order
✅Niosh N95 $2;50
✅K700 N95 @$3 each blue ones
✅3 ply general face masks with loops@$6 box
✅Surgical face masks @$10/ box
✅Sanitizing spray @$3 / 120ml
✅Liquid Soap 5litres@ $10
✅Infrared Thermometers from $20 excluding batteries 🔥🔥🔥🔥
✅Thermometer type 2 incl** batteries $23
✅Aiqura Infrared Thermometer @$25 incl batteries
✅Safety Shoes High cut priced from $30 upwards
✅Safety Shoes low cut Pioneer Safety $27
✅Gumboots available in white and black Heavy duty Mukuba/ Bata @US$11/ pair.
✅Plain Drill Overalls** Promotion price $10 only
✅Reflective overalls $12
✅Dust coats drill $10
✅White labcoat $15
✅Worksuits poly cotton plain or with reflectors available @US$15 each🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
✅Worksuits with 2 diff colours @$20
✅Branded work suits @$18** depending on logo n lettering🔥🔥🔥✅Worksuits 100% cotton $22 each
✅Assorted colours buckets with plastic tap @$6 each
✅Buckets without taps $4,each assorted colours
✅Face Shields US$1,50 soft ones
✅Face shields hard visor Perspex@$4 each
✅Nitrile gloves@ US$10 per box of 100 out of stock
✅Latex gloves@ US$10 per box of 100 size Medium **
✅Plastic aprons @US$9 pkt
✅Disposable shoe covers@ $10/pkt of 100
✅Disposable theatre caps @US$4,50 pkt of 100
✅Ffp2 brand 3M box of 20 (30K in stock)@$2;50
Ffp2Pioneer Safety $1;80/ unit $36/ box of 20
✅KN95 white @$30/ box of 20 or $1;50 a unit available in stock 20K pieces
✅🔥🔥Pvc yellow tyvek suit @$25
✅Hazmat Corona space suits* with blue line US $14 each
Hazmat plain white $12
✅Disposable gowns @ $4,each
✅Reusable gowns @$10 each
✅Reusable fashion mask without a valve $1;00
✅Reusable fashion mask with valve $1;50
✅Reusable face masks rhino style @$0;80each
✅Reusable face masks 2 or 3 ply @$0;65
✅Automatic soap or sanitizer dispenser @$75 each
✅Foot controlled sanitizing dispenser@$60
✅Contactless Foot operated water dispenser with buckets $120
✅Foot bath @$25
✅Foot bath with mat $120 written “Sanitize here”
✅Anti bacterial liquid soap @$20 available in peach or Lavender

✅Hand sanitizer
prices as follows
100 ml……….$1;50
200ml……….$2,50 Out of stock
1litre…………$8.00 out of stock
5 litres………$18.00
✅Goggles at US $3 each
✅Dishwashing liquid*
750mls refill US$2
2litres refill US$4

Lots more in stock including First aid kits; knee and ankle support; crutches; wheel chairs; lumbar corsets; neck support. We also do safari wear; corporate wear; uniforms and sports wear.We are just a phone call away.

🤗🤗🤗🤗 Kindly note we offer bulk discounts call or app Agnes 0733309228 call or text 0774326089 /0719326089

Entrance written Chicken drumsticks grill along Sam Nunjoma btwn Fife ave and Baines( Peach building with Dr’s surgeries)

95 Baines Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

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