Member Benefits

10 good reasons why you shouldn’t be thinking twice about becoming a member of LASACCO

  1. Grow your wealth by saving money and learning how to invest wisely for the future
  2. Network with like minded women on a regular basis to share ideas on how to save, how to grow your business, how to reach your market etc
  3. Obtain loans to keep your business growing and to meet bigger than usual orders
  4. Receive notifications of business opportunities relevant to your business
  5. Attend our networking events for free
  6. Receive the Femprenuers Magazine free of charge every month
  7. 100% access to all features of the Entrepreneurszw mobile app and website
  8. Give back to your community through our Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  9. Get connected to larger organizations that can help you grow your business
  10. Receive online and face to face training on various aspects of entrepreneurship