Passionate Fantasies – Sharon Hofisi

Passionate Fantasies


My only full ‘feeling’ of love first came in September.

Joylin was celebrating her country’s National Singles Day.

It’s a day of passionate happiness without your significant other.

This day is alien to my country which she called Jimbabwe.

I forgot to say we both met in my Teapot-shaped country, Zimbabwe.

I only knew of St Valentine’s Day, as it’s also her birthday.


She asked me if we could admire the beautiful sunset together.

My passionate fantasies were only thinking of the dinner under the stars.

She said she liked my smiling pits; I only knew them as dimples.

She wanted us to go to the beach; the cinemas and laugh together with me.

Sadly, I am an ambivert, someone between the introvert and extrovert.

I couldn’t tell her why all cinema houses have closed shop in Jimbabwe.


‘Do you know love is a process?’

To me Eros, phileo, or agape; were all ephemeral feelings of make-belief.

Now we passionately share our lives, desires and emotions.

We’ve trusted the process of love with or without loss of feeling.

This is the love we wrote at a Petrol station; our artificial forest of love.

We have nothing to do today, but smile and play the lovers’ game.

My smiling pits are magical; we love looking at water as this free letter shows.


We reduce our egos and the barriers of feelings.

I am drawn to the calm waves that romantically kiss the shores.

Perhaps this is love’s power to destroy all impatient moments.

‘Tears are signs, not expressions,’ she gives me hugs and kisses.

She’s not the typical iron lady; she knows what to spare and cherish.

It’s love at first price; happily the dowry is mine.


Have I found love; the 1.4.3 steps of ‘I Love you?’

I wish we could stay in this moment forever; I am tired of loneliness.

Please Heaven, can you bring me Noah’s Ark; I cherish this happiness?

Time runs foolishly; the Aura River in Suomi gifts us with a whirpool.

Her loving eyes are enough to last a life-time; the aura lights can testify.

We fall in love with the Finnish Sauna; no questions like ‘Am I your type?’

The sky isn’t pink; but that’s how a man and a woman find each other!



Written by Sharon Hofisi


This poem is part of the February 2022 Fempreneurs Africa Magazine competition for the poets among us. The objective is to make the month one of love, happiness and upliftment. If you would like to enter your poem and stand a chance to win one of 54 amazing and exciting prizes, send a whatsapp to +263719863610 and we will gladly explain the rules of the competition. Deadline for submission is 15 February 2022.  Winners will be announced via our instagram platform

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