Entrepreneurszw is training teenagers of both genders to start visualizing a life where they do not have to be employees but rather employment creators. For those who still opt to be employees, they will use the thinking of an entrepreneur to do their jobs better than their non-enterprising counter parts.

Why Train Teenpreneurs

The HIV pandemic has ravaged Zimbabwe and made teen-headed families a reality. The economic hardships make it next to impossible for relatives to provide the financial support needed. Teen pregnancies are also rife in Zimbabwe as children become sexually active as early as 8 years old with no sexual reproductive education whatsoever. Teen moms are traditionally chased from their parents homes and face stigmatization, ridicule and ultimately poverty.

Without any skills that generate income, the teen head may be forced into undesirable activities such as prostitution, drug dealing or theft to fend for their families. Entrepreneurszw is working hard to stem the tide of unemployed youth in Zimbabwe by providing them with age appropriate skills that can generate them income and which they can scale up to become thriving enterprises as adults.

How Are We Doing It

Entrepreneurszw holds Teenpreneurs training events every school holiday (April, August and December) and brings experts in various trades to teach teenagers on topics like Writing, Business Planning, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Robotics, Graphic Design, Photography, App Development, Grooming & Etiquette, Public Speaking, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Cooking & Baking, Marketing and Interview Skills among others. The idea is to create a well rounded young person who can make a financial success of their lives.

Video and Audio lectures for teens are also available on our website and mobile application Entrepreneurszw. Teens can go through this material at their leisure, take online tests and receive certificates of competence once they demonstrate having mastered a particular skill.