The Art of Saving Money

Written By Tania Madimutsa


A lot of people think that creativity is only needed by entrepreneurs in the arts and crafts industry…While this is true to some extent creativity is also needed when it comes to matters of our pockets. When we lack the creativity in financial literacy we give up on saving at any sight of danger…….


While viewing WhatsApp statuses, l met one that caught my eye. It read, “I did not save for December because l thought we are all going to die”. Sadly this is true for most of us as we gave up on saving due to the COVID pandemic. Some may have plunged into their savings and used them all. Fair enough we are still alive and life is saying lets go on, we aren’t giving up yet.

As we are half-way through 2021, here is my advice to you, no matter what we do, let’s set aside those savings. Saving money will come in handy when we are struck by rainy days. When we began the 2021 journey none of us knew the pandemic would strike again, but our savings came in handy. Those in the arts industry were mostly affected especially those who had not digitalized their businesses, but l want to believe our savings were part of our survival till some sectors of the economy got opened.


As we get into the last half of 2021, let us continue saving, even with a dollar in your pocket set that 10c aside it will definitely help in the future. Let us sail through the storm and never give up. As we are working hard on coming up with those killer fashion designs in 2021 let us also strive to set that dollar aside.


Some may have destroyed their savings groups. Beloved all is not lost let us form the groups. Let us start afresh and spearhead the vision of saving money. The art is in starting, let us achieve the dreams together knowing a thousand ants can build the empire.


The time to SAVE is NOW……….

Tania is a fashion designer and she makes traditional african-wear and accessories. She can be contacted on +263713572531 

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