Entrepreneurszw trains women in Entrepreneurship. Unemployment rates in Zimbabwe are at over 90% and with women heading a significant portion of the country’s families it is essential that women learn how to start and run a successful business. Women are an excellent investment option as they tend to develop their communities and benefit their families when they make any income. This is mainly because women use more of their communal facilities fetching water, taking children to school and hospitals, shopping for their families needs and sourcing fuel. Women also traditionally spend more time with their families and thus have a more intimate knowledge of their family’s needs.

Why Is This Important?

Women comprise over 50% of the country’s labor force and are the driving force of our Zimbabwean economy at the moment. Failing to equip them with entrepreneurial skills cripples the nation and speeds up its demise.

How Are We Training Women?

Entrepreneurszw holds monthly networking events in every province where interested women can be found. These are usually 3 hour affairs over the weekend where there is a topic, a knowledgeable speaker and refreshments. A savings culture is always promoted. After the lecture, networking is encouraged. LASACCO members attend these events free of charge. Other attendees pay a small fee, we try to keep the sessions affordable to as many women as possible.

We also circulate training material through our magazine Fempreneurs, our WhatsApp groups, via email, on our website and via our mobile app.

Women are taught how to come up with a good business idea that suits them specifically in their communities, how to make a solid business plan to ensure the smooth running and ultimate success of that new business, and finally how to grow that business.


In addition to general Entrepreneurship training, we also offer training specifuc to Horticulture and Broiler farming as these are small, simple, short cycle businesses that almost every woman can embark upon