Young Nature Conservationalist Rescues A Piece of Nature

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Fempreneurs Africa Magazine loves the story of Charlene Chimbwanda, a young woman with nature in her heart. Find out how she has used her experience as a travel agent and her savings to start a business in a scenic spot in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Charlene Tapiwa Chimbwanda is a travel consultant offering the best travel advice and opportunities especially to the budget traveller. She is the Owner and Managing Director of Ensoleille Travels which offers local holiday and day trip packages.


Misty Walk is a spacious multipurpose outdoors recreation facility set in scenic, serene surrounds, including a hilly area by the Charlotte Brooke dam. We offer camping and day trip packages for the nature lover. It’s located approximately 32km from Harare CBD.


The project of developing the area to what it is today and to what it ultimately will be was conceived in mid 2017 and launched in January 2018 when we then opened up the facility to welcome guests. Since it’s a mostly natural environment we first ran an educational program on the conservation of nature as it was being abused by activities such as cutting down of trees and poaching of fish in the dam which was ruining the ecosystem, done by mainly the locals. Thereafter,  we then set it up for the locals to enjoy the facility and now all guests from far and wide. This process was funded by personal savings as well as that from my company combined.


As an agency I had always been offering travel advice about other people’s facilities and selling packages of these. It pushed me to have the vision of setting up a facility that I solely run, to offer to the world and add my own feel and creativity for people to enjoy. My ultimate dream is to own a beautiful resort in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe which is one of my best local destinations.


I ended up relocating residence to Charlotte Brooke and as I explored the area, nearby was this beauty which I decided to ‘save’ and take advantage of. It’s really about sharing my experiences with the world, hoping they can get the same or better satisfaction from their travels.


So in short I started Misty Walk because of my vision and also to save the area from the degradation it was facing.


Visitors are most welcome to Misty Walk because it is a place abundant in activities catering for all ages, and types of people, but more so the nature /outdoors lover. So rich in the packages offered that they cannot be exhausted in a single day’s trip. Misty Walk is good for those who want to just put up their feet and relax away from the hustle and bustle or otherwise an adventure experience, to even classy events. The facility is muti-purpose and versatile.


As for activities on site, one can experience:

Horse riding, Fishing, canoeing, boating, picnicking,  bbq facilities, kids playground, camping, hiking, shooting, ball games, board games, photo/ video shoots or personal events self catered  or full board as well as delicious snacks and meals from our food and drink caravan.

Misty Walk is located in Charlotte Brooke approx. 32km from Harare CBD. It’s very accessible but has an 8km dirt road that may need a vehicle with good, high clearance. We also offer return transfers which anyone can take advantage of if they want to be chauffeured instead. So basically we can pick you up from a convenient place and bring you here, then return you at the end of your adventures.


Misty Walk facilities can be enjoyed from a budget of as little 3$ per person which would cover entry and you can take advantage of those things already setup on site and self cater or buy food from our food and drink caravan. From our price list we can always also prepare the best package according to your budget and allow you to pay for your package over time yet securing your reservation with just a deposit.

Contact details:

+263 733294814 / 774836070

1325 Charlotte Brooke

Mashonalnd East


FACEBOOK – Ensoleille Travels

TWITTER – EnsoleilleTrvls


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